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Medicharge is a Self-Directed Defined Contribution Health Plan that places the consumer in charge of their healthcare funds. We offer a partnership between subscribers, employers, and providers. As an alternative to managed care, the restrictions are eliminated – allowing subscribers and providers to make the decisions.

Mission Statement
  To provide understandable information necessary to support consumer choice as the best method to reduce health care costs and recognize provider selection and satisfaction – Knowledge is Power.
  To return affordable health care to employers, holding employee satisfaction as the foundation in hiring and retaining the best work force.
  To reduce health care costs by providing the most efficient and fastest payment system; enabling resources to be directed to patient care not claim processing and collection.
Paul B. Double – President
  Paul B. Double is the President and founder of Healthcare Managers, Inc. and the owner of the Medicharge®. He provides organizational management background in manufacturing and construction, dating back to 1973, including CEO responsibility for four companies he founded. He also affords insights in government operations having served on school boards, college boards, municipal boards, and state boards for many years both in elected and appointed positions. He has extensive background in industrial national pricing strategies, employee health benefit plan offerings, and labor contract negotiations. In 1998, he recognized the need for a structural overhaul of the healthcare system driven by consumer choice and thus the concept of Medicharge was conceived.

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