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When I started in business in 1973, many years ago, health insurance was purchased for ourselves and employees to recruit a young hard working work force, eliminate the worry of health care costs for our families so that we would be focused on our work which involved lots of travel and being away from our families and to retain a dedicated group in a new company.

Today when I asked most people in any company about their health insurance it is no longer a benefit, most hate it and find it is an administrative nightmare. Some see it as an entitlement, but not a benefit to them. I also found that as a small businessman I wasted two weeks of staff and my time taking bids, reviewing plans and in the end finding that whatever surveys we ran the final accepted plan always had something in it that some people hated. Even more frustrating was the fact that our employees could go to almost any insurance company in town and buy better coverage for less than our "group plan rate". As a result we finally just decided to give everyone the money in the form of raises, and told them where they could buy insurance for less and everyone was happy. Some however didn't use the money for health care and as our work force got older more and more people were not prepared for medical expenses or forgot those raises we had included in their hourly rate was to enable them to buy their own coverage.

As an employer, competition keeps our margins in check and unless we have a very special niche those margins limit what many of us can afford but often not what we would like to do. Also employees today are a different generation and attitude than what most of us are used to. Getting reliable employees in their late twenties who care about the company they work for is becoming difficult if not almost impossible. Retaining the better employees who are beginning to start families, enjoy the company, their work and a desire to move up, not out, causes us to address health benefits but not insurance.
Are your employees expected to pay the following out of pocket costs with your current plan before the insurance company pays?
Co-payments on prescription drugs
Co-payments on office visits
20 % co-payment on medical expenses after a $600-$5000 out of pocket deductible
Co-payment from provider out of network
Co-payments on emergency rooms visits
Co-payments of 50% or more on dental work
Co-payments because eye glasses frames or lenses exceeded the allowance
Co-payment or no-payment on Chiropractic care
Co-payment on ambulance service
Physicals required for Daycare or School Athletics
The Medicharge model -- partners Employer's, Subscriber's and Provider's
The primary focus is Employers with less than 500 employees
Medicharge Registered Providers get paid in 24-72 hours with minimal of paper work in exchange for their guarantee to give Medicharge Subscribers the "Best Price Always"
We inform Medicharge Subscribers with Internet and monthly prepared statements to track their money and charges
We preserve Medicharge Subscribers unused annual medical funds by adjusting balances with annual cost of living adjustments
We enable Medicharge Subscribers to fund large medical expenses without the need of insurance from the money they save or by letting us advance funds based on anticipated employer contributions in the future.
We encourage Medicharge Subscribers with two-income household to pool employer contributions.
We provide an employer/employee medical reimbursement plan that eliminates the need for any out of pocket cash payments, co-payments, paper submittal or time delays.
We provide the opportunity for Medicharge Subscribers to build a reserve from money that would be paid for insurance, to save for their future long term medical care which may require home health aids, nursing home care or assisted living.
Are you “TRAPPED inside the HEALTHCARE BOX”?
1.  Did your insurance agent notify you of INCREASED costs to renew your existing healthcare insurance?
2. When your HR department surveyed employees concerning their satisfaction with the health care benefit “you” provide…and the insurance carrier “you” selected, they respond with “NOT SATISFIED!”
3. You search for new agents and/or different plans with different limits and deductible options – and put this out to bid – but find few bidders and little or no competition
4. Your Sales Department informs you that competitive factors in the market place will result in your product suffering from lower margins, insignificant sales increases, and the growing possibility of more off-shore competition
5. You are forced to announce to employees the bad news that their co-payments and deductibles will increase along with their share of their premium cost
6. Employee’s paychecks remain the same as your margins have eroded, sales are flat, and foreign competition has increased
7. Layoffs and hiring freezes are more and more likely due to the increased cost of your share of Healthcare and General Liability Insurance
  Employer Advantages
Employee satisfaction of your medical dollar allocation is improved by their ability to self-direct the money where it is most important to them
Medicharge eliminates the hostility of health insurance negotiations balancing employer affordable cost vs. employee expectations
Employers can reduce waste by requiring an employee contribution before they contribute to the health plan promoting employee ownership and responsibility
Medicharge custom options enable employers to add additional medical benefits for employees based on years of service and experience
Medicharge enables medical benefits to be a recruitment tool, again, for attracting specialized talent as part of a signing bonus
Employers stabilize costs as medical benefits are defined in dollars available, not deductibles
Medicharge custom options enable employers to eliminate the conflict, discrimination, and extra cash cost in dealing with dependent coverage
Employee benefit is easily identified by first dollar coverage and elimination of all co-pays
Medicharge educates employees to be better consumers, as prescription drug cost is not just seen as the amount of the co-pay to encourage the use of generic drugs
Medicharge provides employees with the ability to save for unforeseen future medical needs and to put aside money for medical expense and long-term heath care
The Medicharge monthly account statement to employees reinforces their employer’s continuing commitment and dollar contribution to them and their family’s needs
Employee’s unspent funds are secured and insured as they are deposited in a Medicharge Bank Custodial Account in their name for their medical needs.
Medicharge provides and promotes saving money and reducing medical expenses by giving employee ownership to the unspent funds
Medicharge enables employer/employee health benefits to be focused on dollars, affordability, and real costs – not increased premium charges as a result of poor investment returns by the insurance industry
ENJOY getting “Outside the Box” with Medicharge!
1.  You decide, not the Insurance Company, how much you can afford to contribute to your employee health care benefits
2. Your valuable employees have increased CHOICE of what medical providers they choose to receive their health care from based on their personal preference and what “they” feel is most important for their families
3. Medical providers put their patients (your employees) first to build productive and lasting doctor/patient relationships
4. Medicharge “Makes it Happen!”

Medicharge testimonial
“Medicharge has made my job in Human Resources so much easier. Medicharge takes care of the paperwork headaches and because we offer a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to our employees, each employee customizes their own health coverage to fit their own needs. Therefore, they get the insurance that THEY want and need – not what the group/employer can afford. We feel it’s a WIN-WIN situation for both the employer and the employee.”


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