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What is the difference between an HSA (Health Savings Account) and the Medicharge model?
a. HSA plans are orchestrated and driven by the insurance industry providing limited healthcare protection by excluding such things as vision care, dental care and many other non recognized consumer out of pocket healthcare costs.
b. HSA plans require the mandatory purchase of healthcare insurance, with specific high but not to high limits, co-payments and other deductible items and they limit the amount employers can contribute for their employees.
c. The Medicharge, FSA (Flexible Spending Arrangement), HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) + CAPP (Catastrophic Asset Protection Pool), model enables employees to contribute some of their pre tax earnings, with employer only contributions without limits and to participate in a pool with employers for catastrophic medical asset protection for their employees. Medicharge is the model for the future of a single payer, a non government provider payment system driven by the efficiencies of bank and credit union payment processing.

Can I enroll in Medicharge without my employer’s involvement?
a. No. Only employees of employers contracted with Medicharge can participate as those employers are the primary source of funding for the dollar contributions.
Can I use the provider of my choosing or do I have to just use those on a list?
a. Consumer choice is fundamental to placing you in charge of you healthcare needs and controlling costs therefore you pick who, when and where you want to spend your account dollars.
b. Unlike the HSA or MSA models of the past patients who paid with cash or have their bill sent directly to Medicharge, when using Medicharge contracted
providers are afforded, by the providers contract with Medicharge, that the price they pay will be the lowest price that provider has offered to any insurance company or discount plan.
If I lose my job or quit what happens to the money in my account?
a. When establishing an account in your name the employer agrees to the following:
i.   All FSA contributions by you will be used first thus reducing the possibility of not being consumed in the year contributed.
ii. All HRA contributions by them is to remain with you until used for medical expenses while employed by them or others.
iii. Your account balance has portability until used.
If I die what happens to my balance?
a. Any money remaining in your account passes to your estate, or named beneficiary.
Is my information secure?
a. We take great strides to insure that your health information is private from your employer and any outside party.
b. Billing and payment information is stored in our office for the sole purpose as to insure IRS compliance for medical purposes and is not accessible to others.

Medicharge testimonial
“For employers looking to curtail rising group health care costs, Medicharge is a logical place to explore. It's a win-win for employers and employees, who get more bang for their buck compared to other options. We've had a great experience working with Medicharge--put it this way, on a scale of 1 to 10, they're a 10.”

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