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Provider Advantages
Medicharge subscribers select providers by choice, not insurance company assignment
Medicharge providers dramatically improve their cash flow by receiving full payment in 1-3 business days
Medicharge subscribers have deposited funds and secured a line of credit to pay for their medical needs, eliminating your credit risk
A better Patient/Provider relationship is built by providing your patient the health care services they request and require
Medicharge eliminates the approval/denial process of a medical procedure by a third party
Medicharge providers use standard claim forms for payment avoiding any new costs or extra paperwork to expedite payment
Medicharge providers pay no annual fee or charges to accept Medicharge customers
Medicharge providers have no usage or processing charges, such as with credit cards, or other fees deducted from their payments
Medicharge providers comply and meet the provisions and requirements of the Robinson-Patman Act avoiding potential litigation
Medicharge provides free Provider Directory and Internet listing to draw new community members to their place of business
Medicharge provides a free searchable listing of services to enable subscribers to locate Medicharge providers addressing their changing or new medical needs
Medicharge providers receive the recognition that professional fees and prices including prescriptions, medical supplies, and vision products are fair and represent patient value
Medicharge “Accepted Here” decal, along with our advertising and promotion, provides notice to subscribers and future patients on providers offering quality care at fair prices
“The people at Medicharge are always friendly and informative. The process claims right away so it only takes 1-3 business days to receive reimbursements instead of weeks or months. My patients love that they can use Medicharge to pay for their copays and deductibles, too.”


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