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Tips for EFFECTIVE use of the Medicharge plan!
You can always email us at Any suggestions, comments, feedback, or praise is appreciated. We value your ideas and will do our best to continually improve the Medicharge model, with your help and suggestions.
Fill out the provided Medicharge Claim Fax Form, copy the receipt you wish to be reimbursed for, and FAX both to us at 507-453-7924 or Toll-Free at 866-736-3245 (866-SENDBIL). We will process your claim and send payment to your home address in 2-3 business days.
When submitting small claim amounts of less than $100 for reimbursement, consider waiting until you have several claims (totaling closer to $100) to avoid paying the minimum transaction fee. Remember there is a 3% or $3.00 minimum fee for all claims submitted for reimbursement. When you receive medical care or other items covered by you Major Medical Insurance Policy – please remember to have those bills submitted to your insurance first. After the insurance company has processed your claim you can submit the unpaid amounts to Medicharge for co-pays, deductibles, or items not covered by the insurance for reimbursement (up to your credit line limit)
Remember, you can use your Medicharge account to reimburse yourself for your monthly health insurance premium. Send us proof of your premium payment, the amount you wish to be reimbursed, and we will pay you in 2-3 business days. NOTE: You can request to be added to our Auto Premium Reimbursement Plan. Then we will send your premium reimbursement check each month (automatically) to your home address prior to the date you have requested
ONLINE – You can search for medical providers who have partnered with Medicharge, you can review and print prior statements, you can review and print expense or deposit reports, and you can see your current account balance all from a SECURE web site
If your preferred medical provider is not a Medicharge partner we’d like to know. Please mention our name to them or inform us – and we will promptly contact them with details on how easy it is to become a Medicharge partner (at no cost to the provider!). Meanwhile, they can still bill us directly using the instructions on the back of your card or you can simply pay for the service yourself and fax your paid receipt to Medicharge for reimbursement (credit limits apply).
Check your mailbox! Your monthly statement with your account balance and information about the past month’s deposits, transactions, etc. is mailed to you by the 10th of each month. Once you’ve begun submitting claims you’ll want to use this tool to review your account activity. Remember, the payments we send to your medical providers are based on what you directed us to pay. Your Medicharge statement enables you to monitor your provider’s pricing – you may even want to consider comparing these prices with those of other area medical providers. Also included is our Monthly Subscriber Newsletter full of info, tips, catchy phrases, and more!
Medicharge testimonial
"We chose Medicharge as a tool to allow our employees to use their medical dollars more advantageously after we dissolved our group health plan 5 years ago. The staff at Medicharge has been conscientious and thorough. They seem to be hands-on and can always answer any questions we have, and I can rely on them to stay on top of new laws and changes in health care so we can focus on our business."

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