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Medicharge Explained:
Medicharge is a Defined-Contribution, Self Directed H.R.A. (Health Reimbursement Arrangement), whereas money is placed into a Medicharge Health Custodial Account in your name, pretax, for your exclusive use to pay IRS deductible medical expenses. The money is deposited by your employer to your Medicharge H.R.A. This is Non-Taxable to you. If these dollars are not used for your medical expenses, your account dollars roll year-to-year.

If a 125 F.S.A. (Flexible Splending Account) plan is used in conjunction with your employer contribution, the plan requires that your contributing dollars shall be used first to avoid the carryover restriction currently in effect for 125 F.S.A. These dollars are commonly referred to as “Use it or Lose it dollars”.

You may submit to Medicharge a claim for reimbursement of:
Medical Insurance (Individual Plans)
Supplemental Medical Insurance (Medical Insurance through your spouse)
Catastrophic Medical Insurance

You may submit to Medicharge your claim for reimbursement of a medical expense that you have generated through a licensed medical provider, or by your direction, Medicharge can pay directly to your provider. (Up to Credit Line Limit)

Medicharge pays your dollars according to IRS publication 502. This publication is updated each year.

Medicharge can also pay for certain O.T.C. (over the counter) drugs as allowed under the IRS publication 2003-102.

Medicharge requires for payment or reimbursement a Licensed Doctor’s Prescription, a Licensed Doctor’s Statement, a Licensed MEDICAL Provider’s Statement for O.T.C. expenses, a CLEAR Receipt if you have already paid the bill and you seek reimbursement.

Medicharge testimonial
“Our organization is too small to afford a health insurance plan for our employees, but we really wanted to offer health benefits. Medicharge is a great fit for us. Our employees really like it because they can use their monthly allowance for anything they need—health insurance premiums, doctor bills, prescriptions, dental, optometrist, over-the-counter drugs. Or they can bank the money and save it for emergencies; their funds don’t expire. The program is flexible, convenient, and turnaround for getting reimbursed is incredibly quick. ”

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